New tablet with big screen available soon News 2014-05-13

The xTAB 9 Tablet PC with 9" display will be available soon

New Tablet PC with 3G connection and GPS-receiver News 2014-04-16

The new WayteQ xTAB-7x device with mobile Internet function and GPS-receiver now available

WayteQ xTAB-70qci has arrived 2013-07-19

New 7" Tablet PC with four cores now available

New Tablet PC with Quad-Core SoC 2013-07-02

The new Tablet PC arrives with Retina display

Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean available again on xTAB-70dci Tablet PC 2013-05-17

Check out the latest Android operating system on the xTAB-70dci Tablet PC.