The software update can be used only with the WayteQ Libra mobile phone. Update can be done for the customer's own risk. Improperly done update can harm your device and may make it unusable. We can't take responsibility for the harms and damages if the update hasn't been done properly. Repair of a device caused by an improperly done update is not under warranty.


Applying this software update will cause the erasure of installed applications, settings, documents, photos, etc... Please create a backup of your important data before the update procedure. Please connect the phone to the DC charger during the update procedure.


1. Download the compressed "wayteq_libra_android_2_3_image.zip" file to your PC.

SHA-1 hash: a7a55faf2f8da5b0ed25bdf6f3511d9df4e03e50

MD5 hash:be74a982df52d5eeabc35ac6a2b6a15d


2. Create an empty folder on your desktop PC / laptop. Extract the downloaded .zip file into this empty folder.



3. Copy the unzipped "image" folder (and the contained "image.bin" file) to the root folder of an empty memory card. It's important that "image" folder must be in the root  folder of the memory card and "image.bin" file must be in "image" folder!


4. Put memory card in to phone.


5. Press and hold Volume + and Menu buttons at the same time when powering on the telephone with Power button. When the progress bar of the updating procedure appears on screen you can release buttons.


6. Wait until udating finished. In the end of the procedure the phone restarts and loads the new operating system. Your phone is ready to use with the new software!