xPAD-70 - How to connect to the internet over a USB modem

The xPAD-70 Tablet PC provides support for mobile internet access over USB modems with the v0.54 software. The following article helps in the configuration of the Tablet PC to get connected over a USB modem.


For easier handling of the USB modem, you can disable the subsequent PIN code requests which are made after successful USB connections. You can disable that with a mobile phone, or with the Tablet PC. The latter can be done in the "Settings / Location & Security / Set up SIM card lock" menu with the "Lock SIM card" menu item. To disable the subsequent PIN code requests you will need to enter the currently set PIN code for the USB modem.


To configure the Tablet PC, the following steps are required:

  1. Remove the USB modem from the Tablet PC. Turn off, then turn on the Tablet PC.
  2. Disable Wi-Fi: In the "Settings / Wireless & Networks" menu, disable (uncheck) the "Wi-Fi" menu item.
  3. Enable mobile data connections: In the "Settings / Wireless & Networks / Mobile networks" menu, enable (check) the "Data enabled" menu item.
  4. Delete the APN profiles: Go into the "Settings / Wireless & Networks / Mobile networks / Access Point Names" menu. Touch the menu button in the upper right corner of the window. Select the "Reset to default" menu item.
  5. Connect the USB modem with the USB OTG adapter to the Tablet PC.
  6. Go into the "Settings / About device / Status" menu, and wait until the "In service" message appears in the "Service state" menu item.
  7. Go into the "Settings / Wireless & Networks / Mobile networks / Access Point Names" menu, touch the menu button and select "New APN" to add a new APN profile.
  8. Set the required fields in this new APN profile, use the values that you got from your operator. Then touch the menu button and select "Save" to save your new APN profile.
  9. After that, you will be redirected to the "Access Point Names" menu. Wait until the new APN profile name appears. On the right side of the profile name, check the radio button. The button's center must switch to green color instead of grey, so the selected profile will be the active profile.

After a short time, the connection will be established. The connection state can be checked in the "Settings / About device / Status" menu. Under the "Mobile network state" field, a "Connected" message will be displayed after a successful connection.


The APN (Access Point Name) profiles are only visible when the USB modem has a connecting or connected state. Upon removal of the USB modem, the APN profiles will be hidden, but not deleted. The APN profiles will be visible again after you reconnect with the modem. That means the profiles are saved permanently on the device and you need to configure the APN settings only once, the first time.