Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system has a reported issue, which makes third-party applications unable to write to external storage devices (microSD card in the case of xTAB 7Q GPS). Instead of waiting for Google, we provide a fix for this problem in the form of a small Windows program. This will grant write permission to the microSD card for the 3rd party applications.



This solution was made for the WayteQ xTAB 7Q GPS. Please do not use it for other devices.

  • If you have no Windows USB driver installed for this tablet PC, please install the Google USB driver.
  • Download the compressed file, then extract this archive on your computer.
  • Turn on your tablet PC.
  • Navigate to "Settings / Developer options / USB debugging" menu item, and enable USB debugging.
  • Connect the tablet PC to your computer with a USB cable. If you have done this already, unplug the cable and connect it again.
  • Run the extracted patch.exe program on your computer. The tablet PC will automatically restart itself after the program succesfully finished applying the patch.
  • Navigate to "Settings / Developer options / USB debugging" menu item, and disable USB debugging.
  • Unplug the USB cable from the tablet PC and the computer.


The xTAB 8Q GPS device already contains this fix.