Software update (x960BT)

This update changes Internet browser of the device. Instead of Internet Explorer you can use Opera Mini browser. Opera Mini also available in main manu, so you don't need to make the connection procedrure to start the software.

Steps for software update:

1. Download the file, unpack it to the root folder of the SD-card
2. Turn off PND (if its turned on)
3. Put the memory card to the device
4. Turn on PND

5. After the first part a question will appear on the boot image for make it sure to update the software of the device. Choose Yes!

6. At the end of the process as the message says pull out memory card and press OK!

Software update takes some minutes. After update device restarts. Be sure to delete update file before use it again in PND. Last step of the update process is screen calibration. Tap the cross at the middle. When all 5 positions are set (middle and 4 corners), your device is ready to use.




Don't turn off device while update. Make sure that battery won't run out of energy. Use charger while update.

This update can only used for x960BT device. Don't use it for earlier or other products (either x950BT-HD). Update can be done for the customer's own risk. Not proper updating can cause the device not to work anymore.  We can't  take responsibility for  the harms and damages if update hasn't done properly.  Repairing a device because of unpropered update is not under warranty.